5 Amazing Jewellery Moments From Beyonce

5 Amazing Jewellery Moments From Beyonce

It’s Beyonce’s birthday week, and what better way to celebrate than to look back on some of her most amazing jewellery moments — both from the red carpet and from magazine spreads. Besides the mega sparkler — an18-karat, $5 million engagement ring — that her husband Jay Z proposed to her with, the singer has also rocked everything from larger-than-life chandelier earrings to matching cuff bracelets, to trendy body chains, to edgy stacked rings. Let’s review:

1)   Chandelier Earrings: Leave it to Beyonce to match a glitzy gown with equally shiny, tiered chandelier earrings on the red carpet. In Beyonce’s world, the shinier the better!

Beyonce Chandelier Earrings

2)   Statement Cuffs: At the 2013 Grammy’s, the singer dressed her black and white jumpsuit with not one but two matching statement cuffs.

Beyonce Cuff Bracelets

3)   Stacked Rings: One ring is not nearly enough for Beyonce. She dressed nearly all her fingers with diamond rings while wearing a sheer lace gown.

Beyonce Stacked Rings

4)   Tribal Necklace: During a photoshoot, Beyonce had big hair and an even bigger tribal-inspired necklace. That many colours and layers is hard to pull off, but of course Queen B did it with ease.

Beyonce Tribal Necklace

5)   On another shoot, Beyonce dressed her body up with a delicate gold body chain, along with a chunky gold chain necklace and a matching bracelet.

Beyonce Necklace

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