9 Of The Coolest iPhone Cases In Town

9 Of The Coolest iPhone Cases In Town

When it comes to your iPhone, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t live by the mantra equal parts fashion and function. While it’s great that our phones make calls, send texts, give directions, store music, surf the internet, and the thousands of other practical functions they’re capable of these days, we’re not totally satisfied unless they look great too. Nothing says pulled together like when your technology puts the finishing touches on an on point ensemble.

But we’re in luck; because designers from mass market to high-end all carry iPhone cases so gorgeous you forget they serve a purpose. Our favourites range from those boasting hilarious movie quotes, to intricate bedazzled masterpieces that mimic jewellery. Others are so downright wacky you can’t help but chuckle.

Without further ado, check out a few of the cases we’re coveting this season. Because we needed another excuse to be glued to our phones.

bye felicia iphone case

ice cream sandwhich iphone case

bling rhinestone iphone case

embroidered iphone case

melted watercolor iphone case

sapphire blue agate iphone case

burn book iphone case

kate spade eyes iphone case

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