About this Blog

About this Blog

Hello Jewellery Lovers!

You’re probably here because you have a love for jewellery, for fashion, for Barry’s Jewellers, or because you have accidentally stumbled upon my blog.  Whatever the case is, I’m glad you’re here!

You must be curious as to who I am and why I’m here.  Well, I am a girl with an eye for fashion, a love for jewellery, and a soft spot for fairy tale romance (who isn’t, right?)  I’m here to lend my advice about engagement ring, weddings, maintaining healthy personal relationships, and of course to update you in the ever changing world of jewellery.

Do you have questions about lab-created diamonds? Not sure where to start?  Not to worry, I was there too!  Wondering how to hint about your perfect engagement ring? Want the latest news on all of the brands we carry at Barry’s Jewellers?  I can answer all of these!

Here at Barry’s Jewellers, we pride ourselves in not only being your diamond destination, but also making your diamond buying experience an exceptional one.  Each of our staff members are full of passion, experience and all have a love for jewellery.

I am here to tell you about it all; giving you an inside look as to what jewellery is all about, providing you with creative wedding inspiration, and of course everything else that goes along with diamonds.

This will be somewhat of a learning experience, hope you’re along for the ride.

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