Accessorize Your Way to the Perfect Holiday Outfit

Accessorize Your Way to the Perfect Holiday Outfit

It may not seem like it, but those corporate holiday parties and New Year events are approaching faster than you think. Before you know it, your social calendar will be booked and you’ll be left with the age-old question of what to wear. The holidays are a busy season, with little extra time to find a new dress for every event. Instead of stressing over finding the perfect formal attire, pay more attention to the details and accessorize! You could easily get away with wearing your perfect LBD over and over if you switch up your jewels. Barry’s prides itself with having a wide selection of jewelry, perfect for any event. Below are some our favorite jewelry pieces to accessorize with this season.

[products skus=”LR50531W,TR2030-416-14,AR077-697-31″]

[products skus=”AR075-415-12,HSE24SWQMBSP-BR,W-E12188D5″]

[products skus=”EG12630,HN79SHMTWQBSP,W-NK920D5″]

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