Accessory How-To: Dazzle On A First Date

Accessory How-To: Dazzle On A First Date

Sure, we love a good bridal story, but we recognize that not everyone’s walking down the aisle quite yet. And for the single ladies navigating the dating world, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’re sure your social calendars are jam-packed with extravagant dinners, gallery openings and concerts, and know that with each suitor you set a date with, you must also set an outfit.

But we are also well aware that first date ensembles can be tricky. We’re all in the same boat, trying to strike a balance between put-together and effortless, perhaps with an ounce or two of sex appeal tossed in for good measure.

So how do you accessorize for the butterfly-inducing first date? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure you’ll land yourself a second one.

• The first date is about you, not your jewels! Don’t let a statement piece overpower your statement personality
• Do opt for elegant, dainty pieces that compliment your clothes and makeup. Think studs, simple rings and small, tasteful hints of sparkle
• Let your jewellery play up your best assets. Great earrings will draw attention to your eyes, while a necklace at the right length can highlight your collarbones, arms, or dare we say décolletage?

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