Accessory Style Spotlight: Gwen Stefani

Accessory Style Spotlight: Gwen Stefani

We’re always game to give props to celebs that continue their industry reign. And perhaps there is no one better to illustrate this than pop royalty turned fashion mogul Gwen Stefani. She first entered the scene in the 80’s as the lead singer of No Doubt, and is still making headlines and selling out shows nationwide.

Stefani’s place in the spotlight has evolved a great deal over the years, with an immensely successful solo career and an insanely popular luxury clothing/accessories brand, L.A.M.B. Not to mention, the woman has clearly discovered the secret to defying aging, and we’d like to take a page from her book of fitness.

With a style so distinct, Stefani is easily one of the reigning queens of the fashion world, transitioning from eclecticism to elegance seamlessly. And to say she knows a thing or two about accessorizing is an epic understatement. So without further ado, check out some of Gwen’s biggest accessory wins: from the 80’s till now!

gwen stefani third eye

gwen stefani 90s

gwen stefani lamb

gwen stefani style

gwen stefani short

gwen stefani veil

gwen stefani elle

gwen harpers

gwen stefani black cape

gwen stefani vogue

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