An Engagement Ring That Won’t Break the Bank

An Engagement Ring That Won’t Break the Bank

Fellas, we know that few things are more exciting than planning to get down on one knee. When you realize you’re ready to take that next step, it’s hard not to want to do it immediately. But we also know you’ve got a million details to check off your list before doing so, and planning the perfect proposal requires saving up for an equally perfect ring.

What if you’re eager to pop the question, but shy on cash to afford to do so?

Cue: the nontraditional ring. If you’re working with a limited budget, or maybe you’ve mutually decided you’re more interested in saving for the wedding/honeymoon, we’ve got a slew of suggestions to throw your way from Thomas Sabo and Lafonn.

These stunners have all the sparkle and shine, but are easier on the wallet than a traditional diamond. Keep scrolling to peep the dazzling pieces that offer an out-of-the-box approach to proposing.

[products skus=”R0018CAP,R2011CLP,R0111CPP”]

[products skus=”R0014CSP,R0117CLP,TR2050-416-14″]

[products skus=”TR2034-416-14,TR1986-167-14a,TR2026-641-11″]

[products skus=”TR1972-051-14a”]

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