April Showers Bring….

April Showers Bring….

No, not just May flowers! Just as we were busting out our spring dresses, we’re hit with a wave of rainy days that have us flashing back to winter months. So how do we temporarily acclimate our wardrobes to the indecisive weather? With great accessory game of course!

A few tips from our experts to get you through the drizzly days:

1) Drab outfits are easily updated with chunky pieces. If the rain has you piling on sweaters and thick tights, bold earrings or an eye-catching cuff will elevate the look.

2) Keep your jewels in the same vein as your raingear. For example, rugged rain boots will clash with ornate, oversized baubles, so be mindful to make sure your aesthetic is consistent.

3) The rain will tarnish any metals that aren’t pure. Save your costume jewels for sunnier skies, and only wear the real deal until the rainclouds dissipate.

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