Barry’s Asks You: Going Raw?

Barry’s Asks You: Going Raw?

At Barry’s, it’s no secret that we’re partial to all that glitters. But recently, we’ve seen a major emergence of raw stones, from necklace pendants and stackables, even to engagement rings!

While our initial reaction is to nix the au natural, raw stones’ moment in the spotlight has us second-guessing ourselves. Organic, untouched pieces were a major runway trend for spring ’15, so we’re buckling our seat belts to see this movement in full swing in the months to come.

raw stone jewellery


If you need a minute to come around to the idea of an untouched gem, check out some of our expert styling tips.

• Because raw gems have a totally different feel than their cut counterparts, don’t style them the same way. A natural stone can actually dress down an outfit as opposed to dress it up.
• DO pair a colourful, raw stone with an all white ensemble in warmer months. This look epitomizes summertime bohemian effortlessness – just add sun!
• Though much less glitzy, raw stones can still make a statement. A chunky, collar or bib style necklace made of untouched stones can serve as the focal piece of an outfit just as easily as your sparkly jewels can.

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