Barry’s Favourite Oscars Red Carpet Looks

Barry’s Favourite Oscars Red Carpet Looks

At Barry’s we LOVE the Oscars! Then again – we love anything glitz and glam.

One of the best things about the Oscars is the red carpet – especially the red carpet jewellery. We’ve compiled our top six best dressed looks from the 2018 Oscars!

Number one is the unbelievably stunning Gal Gadot. We love Wonder Woman (have you SEEN our Alex and Ani Wonder Woman collection?) and this is no exception. Rocking aquamarine – this month’s birthstone – she looks unbelievably stunning.

Next is Guillermo Del Toro the king of filmmaking. It’s only fair if he wears such a regal ring. Paired perfectly with all his Oscars, he looks as unreal as any of his films. And we have a secret – he loves Hamilton and we love him right back!

Yellow diamonds are all the rage right now and Paz Vega is 100% on trend with this stunning piece. With a vintage inspired piece, Paz is the trendsetter of the Oscars bar none!

Our favourite Spider-Man Tom Holland is looking absolutely sharp when he swung into the red carpet in his watch and cufflinks combo he looks like a real hero!

Jennifer Garner may have gone viral for her reactions but we think that her earrings she wore should be the real talk of the town.

Jordan Peele shocked us all with Get Out – who would have thought that someone who could do comedy so well can do horror too? Well, he’s a man of many hats to add fashion to his resume. Decked out with watch, cuff links and a fabulous lapel pin, Jordan nailed it this year.

Let us know what you think, and if you think we missed anything!

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