Birthstone of the Month: Amethyst

Birthstone of the Month: Amethyst

Are you a February baby? If so – then Amethyst is your birthstone! Amethyst contains quartz – the second most abundant mineral found in Earth’s crust. The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning “not drunk”. It was believed the stone would prevent its wearers from being intoxicated. Early Egyptians believed amethyst possessed good powers, and would place stones in the tombs of pharaohs for afterlife. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that amethyst could dispel sleep, make your smarter and protect the wearer from witchcraft or sorcery.


The amethyst is a beautiful violet purple colour. However, there are a variety of shades in which the amethyst can appear. In different locations, amethyst are unique to particular regions or mines. For example amethyst mined in Vera Cruz, Mexico will appear as very pale, clear crystals. While, amethyst mined in Thunder Bay, Canada will have a distinct red hematite inclusion just below the surface on each crystal. No two amethyst really are the same.

Celebrities born in the month of February:

  • Lauren Conrad, February 1st
  • Alice Cooper, February 4th
  • Jennifer Anniston, February 11th
  • Jeff Daniels, February 19th

The amethyst has a strong history of representing royalty and power. If you were born in the month of February, be proud to wear your gemstone like these celebrities:

Diane Kruger wearing an amethyst pendant necklace
Zoe Saldana wearing amethyst cocktail ring
Alicia Keys wearing an amethyst cocktail ring

The colour purple is traditionally associated with those of royalty. So to all you February babies, wear your gemstone with pride and allow yourself to feel like a King or Queen.

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