Cufflinks Complete Your Father’s Day Shopping

Cufflinks Complete Your Father’s Day Shopping

Not just for his tux: cufflinks are making a mainstream comeback. The origin of these artful fasteners dates back several centuries, when they first became a sign of status and wealth.

Today, these ornamental shirt closures are most commonly associated with black tie attire, but as men’s style evolves so do cufflinks’ versatility. With so many types, shapes and finishes to choose from, we think cufflinks can just as easily add quirk and humor to his sleeve as they can formality.

So this Father’s Day, gifting your pops with a pair will instantly infuse personality into his closet. A great pair of cufflinks serves as a staple, and he can keep his around for years to come. Whether he’s got a special occasion coming up, or his attire could just use some…pepping, look no further.

Peep a few of our favourite ‘links below, and make this Father’s Day one he won’t forget.

[products skus=”MK40-001-12,MK57-637-12,GC2725SPM”]

[products skus=”MK60-693-11,mcl102,mcl103y39″]

[products skus=”MK50-041-11,MK67-701-10,78980″]

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