Double The Chic, Half The Size

Double The Chic, Half The Size

Are we alone in feeling envious of the adorably tiny fashions found in designer kids’ sections? The baby Beckhams, Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler, and Alexander Wang’s niece Aila give us a run for our money, even on our best-dressed days.

With so much upward movement already in children’s fashion, it’s no surprise that pint sized accessories have arrived in stores. Most recently, we’ve got our eyes on New York based jewellery designer Scosha.

Scosha’s new kids’ collection mirrors the aesthetic of her adult line, and includes dainty bangles and friendship bracelet inspired woven materials. Venturing into kids’ accessories was a natural progression of her already popular, light-hearted styles.

“You can’t help but become inspired by your children and want to decorate them in colorful things. My son was always putting things on his wrists probably trying to copy me, and since our classic braided bracelets are adjustable I put one on him every so often,” designer Scosha Woolridge told Women’s Wear Daily.

Making the world a more beautiful place, one tiny wrist at a time.

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