Ear Bling: It’s All About Illusions

Ear Bling: It’s All About Illusions

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s the year of the ear bling. From bedazzled cuffs to biker chic ear jackets, the more you’ve got going on the better. We’ve seen piercings galore enter the scene, with the coolest of cool girls rocking studs and hoops from the lobes all the way up to the cartilage.

So what if you love the look, but are afraid of the commitment? Enter: the faux cuff.

The faux cuff is the easiest way to nab all the cool points, while enduring zero of the pain. These puppies range from small and subtle, to large and over-the-top adorned, and can be placed at various parts of the ear depending on which type of piercing you’re mimicking. Rihanna even faked a septum ring and had fans running to the nearest piercing parlor before they caught on.

The bottom line: commitment-phobes fear not. You can glitz up your ear and steer clear of needles at the same time. Read on for all the inspiration you’ll need.

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