Falls Coziest Trend: The Blanket Scarf

Falls Coziest Trend: The Blanket Scarf

If your dreams involve living in a warm cloud of comfort and still looking stylish, then you’re in luck. Enter the blanket scarf, the ultimate collision of comfort and style. Blanket scarves are huge this season, and for good reason. These are different than regular scarfs because they are much larger and can be wrapped and worn in many different ways. Blanket scarfs add a chic laid back vibe to any outfit, no matter how they’re worn. We’re seeing these scarfs in tons of pretty plaid prints but we love the variations we’re seeing.

Some of our favorite ways to style this trend include wearing it as a shawl and belting, effortlessly wrapped around your neck and draping it over your shoulders. Bloggers are all over this craze right now and are showing us how it’s done right. Check out some of the inspiration behind our new favorite accessory below.

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