Hanukkah Gems for Eight Sparkly Nights

Hanukkah Gems for Eight Sparkly Nights

In a December sea of red, green and gold, it sometimes feels as though the holiday season is dominated by Christmas alone. With every mall, shopping center, and holiday party decked out in festive Christmas décor, it is easy for the Jewish Festival of Lights to get lost in the holiday shuffle.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you Hanukkah! With eight glorious nights of dreidel spinning and Menorah lighting, that means that many more gorgeous outfits we get to wear, and glitzy gifts we get to give. Whether you’re dressing for an intimate family dinner or a more extravagant Hanukkah celebration, adding tasteful silver and blue jewellery to your ensemble is the perfect way to sprinkle in Hanukkah spirit without going overboard. Festive gems also make the perfect gifts for loved ones, and since you have eight gifts to give, we thought we’d lend a hand with our eight favourite Hanukkah picks from Tacori, B Couture, and Alex and Ani below!

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