Happy Passover From Barry’s!

Happy Passover From Barry’s!

This time of year, Passover tends to get lost under a maze of pastels, Easter eggs, and bunny shaped chocolates. But while everyone is excited to reunite with what they gave up for lent, we haven’t forgotten about the Jewish holiday taking place April 3rd – April 11th.

So what is Passover? It’s a weeklong celebration commemorating the Jewish escape from Egyptian slavery, and has many traditions associated with it.

It’s customary for a Jewish household to have a Passover Seder, which is a series of prayers and readings followed by a celebratory meal, the first and second or last two days of the week. Most Jews also forgo eating bread or other leavened foods during this time, and instead will eat matzo in its place. This is symbolic of the bread that the Jews ate when they escaped Egypt, which did not have time to rise.

To those who are gearing up for Passover this week, we wish a happy holiday to you and yours from Barry’s.

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