How Stylish Street Stylers Wear Their Jewels

How Stylish Street Stylers Wear Their Jewels

Street style pros have perfected the art of dressing — from head to toe, from hat to shoes. Whether these girls are clad in leather, lace, or denim, they sure know how to elicit outfit envy. Any woman can attest to the fact that a big part of any complete ensemble is the jewellery, and street stylers are naturals when it comes to that category, too. From statement necklaces to stacked bangles, to a gaggle of rings to eye-catching earrings, here are some tips to achieve the look of these masters.

Street stylers are not shy about calling attention to their décolletage. They either top their look with a big and gaudy bib necklace or stack a bunch of delicate pendants to create a layered look.


In this category, the motto is the more the merrier. Stacked bangles are a huge trend for the street style bunch, so don’t be shy about packing it on. You can stick to one kind of metal or you can mix and match different colours.

Steet Style Bracelets

It’s not enough to just wear one ring these days. Street stylers are rocking at least two if not upwards of 5 on each hand. You can wear one on each finger or select a few. And you can wear a ring on each finger on each hand. The possibilities are endless.

Street Style Rings

Eye-catching drop earring, a single statement earring, or a bunch of stud earrings are how street stylers are dressing their earlobes these days. Just be sure to pull your hair back so that your ears can really shine.

Street Style Earrings

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