Insta-Bling: Draw Inspiration From this Week’s Top Jewels

Insta-Bling: Draw Inspiration From this Week’s Top Jewels

Everyone loves to show off shiny jewellery, so Instagram is a treasure trove brimming with gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot. This week, we scoured the social media app in search of baubles that will inspire you to add new pieces to your jewellery box.

If you love pearls, here’s a fresh take on the classic by @jubilee0901. Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix more than one pearl piece like this user did with her double-pearl ring and jewel-encrusted bracelet.


We touched on the backlace (back necklace) not too long ago, and @sintillia proved that it’s totally doable for everyday wear.

backlace back necklace

This skeleton hand piece posted by @thatmoonprincess is not for the timid or girly girl. Just in time for Halloween, it’s a fun statement piece that will get lots of looks.

skeleton bracelet

For the daintier girl, @hipsterfeelings stacked her Cartier Love bracelets with screw-detailed bangles. Note the cool ripped jeans, too.


Speaking of stacking, @vougehq did it flawlessly. Between her love bracelet, vintage-inspired watch, and pearl bracelet, it’s an undeniably unique look.


The palm trees in the background are beautiful, but we can’t stop staring at @baliplatform’s pretty stacked rings. They’re so delicate, yet they make an impact.


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