Instagrams Best Flat Lays

Instagrams Best Flat Lays

Whenever we’re in a bit of a style rut, social media always seems to pull us out of it. Of all the platforms, Instagram seems to host the best fashion inspiration. With a few thoughtful hashtag searches, like #OOTD or #styleblogger, you’ll find some seriously enviable outfits. Instagram even gives you the most popular images first, so you can see what the biggest bloggers are wearing. One insta image that we’re really loving though, is the flat lay. The flat lay is essentially just a curated image of an outfit (or anything really) laid out on the floor. We find that the flat lay is the simplest version of the outfit post, making it easier to imagine similar items in your own closet. Instagrammers have become crazy creative with their flat lays, creating a mood by including pretty flowers, their favorite lipstick and the book they’re toting. Check out some of the most gorgeous flat lays on Instagram below, or peruse them on your own by searching #flatlay.

flatlay-ception ♡

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