Jean Paul Gaultier Takes On Jewels

Jean Paul Gaultier Takes On Jewels

With Paris Couture Week just behind us, and ready-to-wear fashion weeks just ahead, we’re reeling over all of the high fashion that was just sent down the runway, and preparing ourselves for the next round to come.

While designers like Chanel and Valentino continued to push the envelope, we’re still picking our jaws off the floor over Jean Paul Gaultier’s new endeavor.

The designer teamed up with iconic crystal maker Swarovski for a line of couture jewellery that almost sent us into sensory overload. “Kaput”, fittingly titled, is the name of the new line as the design house halted ready-to-wear and pre-fall in order to focus on jewels.

Kaput is characterized by oversized imperfect stones, ranging from opaque to transparent, and shiny to dark. Gaultier told Women’s Wear Daily “Kaput — it means what it means; it’s a broken stone. What’s incredible is that it’s reversible, one color on one side, another color on the other side, and there are fractures. It’s very Cubist and Art Deco-ish in a way.”

Eager to drop a pretty penny on Kaput pieces? The collection will be available at Swarovski’s multi-brand jewellery boutique, Cadenzza.

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