Jewellery Designer Scott Kay Passes Away at Age 57

Jewellery Designer Scott Kay Passes Away at Age 57

It is with a heavy heart that we relay the passing of beloved jewellery designer Scott Kay. Known for his incredible craftsmanship and artistry across many sectors of the jewellery industry, Kay’s aesthetic is adored by brides, fashionistas, spirituality seekers, musicians and businesswomen alike. His artisanship truly embodies the words “something for everyone.”

As his legacy continues to live on, a note from his family over the weekend reads “As we find our way forward, we will always be inspired by his hard work, conviction and infectious personality. We will honor Scott by continuing to nurture the family he loved and to enrich the legacy he built. As Scott would have wanted, we will forge on with passion, zest, a sense of humor, and the stubbornness to ensure that we ‘never compromise.’”

A service was held this past weekend to honor his life, his many accomplishments, and his boundless creativity. He has left his mark on the jewellery industry, and he will be deeply missed.

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