Jewels to Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving Look

Jewels to Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving Look

Thanksgiving is around the bend, and while we know you’re busy plotting your turkey and stuffing plan, you can’t forget about your outfit. After all, you’re going to see family members you haven’t seen in a while, so it’s important to impress them with your panache. We recommend keeping your ensemble clean and simple, then piling on the jewels for high shine.
One option is to wear one colour head to toe (we like black, grey, brown, or winter white), then adding pops of colour via your jewellery. For a fancy feel, you can choose to wear a little black dress with tights and boots, then deck your neck out with a statement necklace. If you want something a bit more comfortable and forgiving, go with your favourite jeans, a chunky, loose-fitting sweater, riding boots, then create a massive arm party with your favourite bracelets. Or keep everything bare but add chunky earrings to steal the show. You can also pile it all on if you’re feeling extra blingy.

No matter what you decide to wear on Turkey Day, just don’t leave the house without some eye-catching eye candy. Here are our favourites from Barry’s Jewellers.


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