Jewels to Shine Up Monique Lhuillier’s Latest Wedding Gowns

Jewels to Shine Up Monique Lhuillier’s Latest Wedding Gowns

While Monique Lhuiller is known for her high-end — and high-priced — wedding gowns, the designer also offers more affordable creations for her Bridal Bliss line. Photos for the latest collection, featuring 14 dresses for Spring 2015, were just released and consider us impressed! The prices range from $2,800 to $5,000, while the styles run the gamut from lovely lace to romantic tulle to glitzy embellishments.

But of course, no dress is complete without some equally amazing diamonds and stones to add major shine. On that note, we carefully curated a handful of baubles that will go perfectly with Lhuillier’s newest gowns. Whether you want a pop of bright color for a playful twist, a timeless pearl for a classic touch, an art deco piece for a ‘20s vibe, or black jewels to show off your edgy side, Barry’s has it all.


[product skus=”78370,HOF-LD-1081,HOF-LD-954,HOF-AEL-018258,HOF-LD-963,HOF-AER-00458″]


[product skus=”TR2008-001-12,76311,80600,SB154050233,FB101″]


[product skus=”R0023CLP,SR188Y37,HOF-LD-325,HOF-LD-341,HOF-LD-487″]


[product skus=”E0056CCG,9E064CLP,E3660SRASBM,E3796SPCRQAWS”]

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