Keep It Simple: Pick One Jewellery Piece To Do All the Dazzling

Keep It Simple: Pick One Jewellery Piece To Do All the Dazzling

Stacks on stacks on stacks — that’s been the major jewellery trend lately, mixing various bracelets, combining countless rings, and fusing a few necklaces. But sometimes it’s nice to just keep things simple (both for your sanity and for your look) by choosing one statement jewellery piece that will get all the attention. We’ve gotten so used to seeing jewels and jewels galore that it might take a while for you to get adjusted to just picking one piece, but it will give you an elegant, toned-down, and minimalistic look for day or night.

Many wrists these days are dressed with countless Alex and Ani bracelets, which we love, but for variety, try picking just one bracelet to showcase. We love the birthstone bracelets because they have just a hint of shine.


We also love the jet beaded bangle on their own or the bamboo bangle.



For night, you can pick one statement cuff to accentuate your dress.

If you’re not engaged yet and don’t have a dazzling rock to show off on your left hand, you can always find one standout right hand ring to spice up your fingers. Barry’s has a bevy of right hand rings to choose from.

You can also opt to not wear a bracelet, ring, or necklace, and just dress your earlobes with a beautiful chandelier earring that will draw all the attention up to your face. Just make sure it’s a dazzling piece to make up for the fact that the rest of you is bare. Shop designer earrings.

And when going with just a necklace, we recommend picking a subtle gold or silver pendant for your casual daytime look. If you feel too bare, a multi-strand necklace is a nice way to give the illusion of wearing more than one piece. For night, choose a shiny bib necklace that will make your neck a hit. Shop designer necklaces here.

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