Le Bon Marché Launches Private Label Bridal Jewellery

Le Bon Marché Launches Private Label Bridal Jewellery

This just in from Women’s Wear Daily: one of the most reputable department stores in the world has yet another shopper to add to its roster. You heard us, soon-to-be brides, you can now head to iconic Paris fixture, Le Bon Marché to find the ring of your dreams.

Long known for its beautiful architecture, incomparable luxury goods and the rich history behind it, department store crème de la crème Le Bon Marché has revamped its accessories department. The most buzz-worthy addition to its long and impressive list of offerings is private-label bridal jewellery. C’est bon, non?

Le Bon Marché accessories section is divided into three color-coded rooms; blue for gemstones, pastel yellow for up and coming designers, and pink for bridal. The display cases are nearly as ornate as the pieces they enclose, and contain artful paper bird sculptures by French paper artist Mathilde Nivet.

What do you think of Le Bon Marché’s new addition: would you trade in your little blue box for a little pink room?

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