Less is More: Christmas Lessons Learned

Less is More: Christmas Lessons Learned

Christmas is among us, and is it just us, or does there seem to be a sparkle in the air? Holiday lights, festive trees and glitzy garments shine, and the natural inclination is to opt for baubles that mimic the holiday glam.

While we love a good statement necklace and are suckers for a serious cocktail ring, this Christmas we’re challenging ourselves to go a little more minimalist with our accessories. If your holiday outfit is already decked with sequins, sparkle knits and luxurious prints, opting for simple and understated elegance in terms of jewels really streamlines an ensemble.

For example, if you wear a sequin or sparkle knit sweater or jacket, keeping the neckline clean and accessory free will draw the eye to your garment and keep your look clutter-free. Instead, opt for a simple bracelet or cuff, which will complete the outfit without overpowering it. For embellished skirts or dresses, a delicate chain necklace or understated studs will compliment the look.

What is your favourite way to accessorize for Christmas?

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