Not Your Nana’s Pearls: Modern Ways to Wear Pearls For Your Wedding

Not Your Nana’s Pearls: Modern Ways to Wear Pearls For Your Wedding

Pearls are undeniably pretty, especially for your wedding day, but sometimes they can be too matronly, even for the most classic of brides. Luckily, jewellery designers have been experimenting with pearls by giving them a modern spin — all without losing its serene beauty. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate them into your wedding look, there are ways you can do it without looking like you’re wearing your grandmother’s pearls.

Pearl necklace: Instead of wearing just one pearl necklace, why not stack a few on top of one another for a totally contemporary vibe? You can even stack different sizes of pearls for an even cooler look.

pearl necklace wedding bride

Pearl backlace: If the back of your dress is plunging, you can also wear your pearls draped down your back for a completely unique feel.

pearl back necklace backlace

Pearl bracelet: In lieu of a regular pearl bracelet, you can sport a beautiful pearl cuff that covers your entire hand. If it’s too uncomfortable to wear all night, you can just wear it for the ceremony portion.


Pearl ring: Pearl rings are normally super dainty, but instead, you can find really chunky pearl rings and stack them on top of and next to one another for a funky spin.


Pearl earrings: Ditch the usual pearl studs for something a bit more chunky and prominent that mixes diamonds or rhinestones, and maybe even a little colour.


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