Need to Know: Different Necklace Styles

Need to Know: Different Necklace Styles

A necklace is the quickest way to get your décolletage noticed. Especially if you’re wearing a low-cut or open neckline, as opposed to say a halter or turtleneck, it’s nice to sparkle up your ensemble with the perfect necklace. There are endless styles that you can play around with, so we put together a handy guide to get you started:

Choker Necklace:
A short necklace that rests above the collarbone, usually rests at the center of the neck. Looks especially great with strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines.

Collar Necklace:
Similar to the choker in its short length, the collar necklace is only slightly longer than a choker and rests just below the neck.

Bib Necklace:
The bib necklace takes its name from the fact that it looks a little bit like a “bib.” It’s usually more of a statement-making style and can be made of rhinestones, diamonds, gems, beads, etc. Looks great with scooped necklines or even over a button-down blouse for a more conservative style.

Lariat Necklace:
A very long necklace that features an open end with no clasp. Lariat necklaces usually come with beads or tassels on the end. This style matches almost every neckline.

Rope Necklace:
Also a very long necklace that is usually worn around the neck twice or three times, creating the illusion of wearing more than one necklace.

Pendants feature a small piece of jewelry that hangs from the chain. It can be a diamond, a cross, or any other charm. Usually more of an everyday style that goes great with tanks and tees.

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