New Jewellery Trend Alert: Choker + Anklet = Choklet

New Jewellery Trend Alert: Choker + Anklet = Choklet

You’re familiar with the choker, you know all about the anklet (and probably wore it when you were younger), but now it’s time to introduce the choklet, a combination of the two jewellery styles. Jennifer Fisher, a New York-based jewellery designer, shared her sleek new design on Instagram, styling it with cuffed denim and white Adidas sneakers for a cool juxtaposition. But we think it would look equally amazing with a fancy dress.

What we love so much about Fisher’s choklet is that, unlike the anklets of the past, it’s way more sophisticated and chic; kind of like the older, more mature sister of the chain or beaded anklets. Anklets typically exude more of a bohemian style, but the choklet brings the trend into a more contemporary, minimalistic space.

What do you think of the new choklet trend? Would you wear it?


Image via Instagram @jfisherjewelry

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