Old Meets New in 8 Antique-Inspired Engagement Rings

Old Meets New in 8 Antique-Inspired Engagement Rings

If you spend your time scouring vintage stores and flea markets, chances are you’ll gravitate toward an antique looking engagement ring. The best part about an antique-inspired ring, as opposed to a modern style, is that it gives off a more one-of-a-kind feel than your average solitaire. However, the ring doesn’t actually have to be an passed down family heirloom. There are plenty of antique-looking rings that are brand new, but give the illusion that they were made in a bygone era. Here are 8 styles we love from Barry’s:

[product sku=”M2045″] 1) The diamond in this Scott Kay Luminaire engagement ring sits inside a beautiful floral setting that gives it a totally timeless look. It’s already stunning looking from the top, but even more intriguing if you peer at it from the side.

[product sku=”HOF-OPR-0408″] 2) This Optima Regal engagement ring is the perfect cross between modern and vintage. Its sleek band gives off a contemporary feel, while the marquis style setting lends a vintage vibe. The kicker? When you look at it from the side, you’ll see two knots that make this ring a one-of-its-kind.

[product sku=”HOF-ATW-0338″] 3) Inspired by the waves of the ocean, it’s easy to see why the Atlantico Wave halo solitaire engagement ring has a discerning look. Its gold finish lends an old-school feel that makes the diamond solitaire shine brighter.

[product sku=”HOF-AEC-0608″] 4) The Aerial Collection cluster engagement ring comes in the shape of a delicate snowflake and is finished with bounds of cluster diamonds to give it its brilliant sparkle.

[product sku=”2525RD”] 5) With all its glitzy baguettes, two rows of pave, and milligrain detailing, this Tacori engagement ring looks like it could be a fancy family heirloom from the roaring ‘20s.

[product sku=”HOF-LBL-0608″] 6) The Loreilei Bloom engagement ring also features a floral setting, combined with soft, feminine scalloped edges. Additional diamonds on the band add a WOW factor.

[product sku=”75813″] 7) This Maple Leaf diamond engagement ring offers the most bling of the bunch. Its mix of various size diamonds and art deco-inspired look give it a fabulous finish.

[product sku=”HOF-DET-1508″] 8) The rose gold colour of this Desire Teardrop engagement ring screams vintage. Dual diamonds that sit inside a teardrop setting give the illusion of a single center stone.

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