Our New Exclusive Line – Les Georgettes

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to be original?

We can help you make that possible!

Barry’s Jeweller’s is excited to announce our newest (and exclusive) Fashion Accessory line, Les Georgettes by Altesse.  This leading jewellery manufacturer, from France, has come up with this unique line that allows you to customize your pieces to suit your mood; your needs, and your imagination.

Is your curiosity peeked?  Well, let’s break this down, shall we?

We’ll start off with the base…the bare bones….and that would be the bangle or ring design of your choice.  The bangles come in 3 different sizes (not including the junior line for the growing fashionista).  From that point, you can choose from a wide range of designs, in either yellow or rose gold plating, or silver (depending on the design).  The rings will also range in multiple designs and finishes.

Now, this is where you get creative!

Each piece is designed to add an insert band.  The bands are reversible, and this is where your choices jump even further.  You have multiple colours to choose from, and 2 unique colours per band (one on each side).  So, basically, 1 coloured band will now turn your bangle or ring into 3 different looks (the piece on it’s own, or each coloured side).


The bangle comes with 1 insert band (giving you 3 looks), and the rings come with 3 (giving you 7 looks).  You can add as many additional bands to your collection as you’d like (available for purchase separately). It’s as simple as the steps shown below.



What a great way to add a little fun to your wardrobe!  So, mix, match and Dare to Dazzle!

Our expert staff is always willing to help you out with any questions, or recommendations.

So click on our website for more information at https://barrys.ca/brands/les-georgettes.html, or come on in, and we’ll be glad to get you started.

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