Rolex Robberies – Read On!

Rolex Robberies – Read On!

Amidst the trial for the Harry Winston robberies, we have more unfortunate news to report on the heist front. Over the past month, jewellery stores in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi, Nebraska and Connecticut were all robbed during business hours, with their glass cases smashed in. Several hundred of thousands of dollars worth of watches were taken, with a stolen vehicle as the getaway car in all of the respective locations. The stolen goods all ended up around the Detroit area, which clued officials that these robbers were acting in unison.

“These crimes, committed during business hours, are serious because of the danger and trauma they create for the victim customers and sales clerks,” U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade says of the incidences. The varying locations of the heists intended to throw off witnesses and law enforcement, but inevitably failed at doing so with collaboration from officials in all locales.

Our thoughts are with those who have suffered effects of these occurrences.

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