Score: Engagement Rings That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Score: Engagement Rings That Look More Expensive Than They Are

An engagement ring is something you will wear — and stare down at — for hopefully the rest of your life. But just because your husband to-be isn’t an A-list movie star doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a rock that will rock your world. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your life’s savings to get a ring that shines as bright as the love in your eyes. There are a variety of engagement rings under $2000, and even $1000, that will incite plenty of oohhs and aahhs. Here are some of our favorite styles from Barry’s starting from $738 – $1716.

[product sku=”ER3848″] For a mere $738 in 14K white or rose gold, this Gabriel & Co. engagement ring features a classic round center stone, coupled with beautiful, unique side detailing and smaller diamonds that makes it look truly one-of-a-kind.

[product sku=”M1252″] This Scott Kay Radiance ring comes with intricate, vintage-inspired detailing on the band that will guarantee that your left hand will stand out among the rest. It’s just $870 in palladium and $1210 in 14K white gold.

[product sku=”M1600-QR”] If you prefer something a bit more understated and modern, the Scott Kay Radiance ring is perfect for you. It also comes in this sleek design that’s all about the center stone — $840 in palladium and $1025 in 14K white gold.

[product sku=”ER9337″] For something glitzy and glamorous, look no further than this Gabriel & Co. ring, which looks way more expensive than its $1027 price tag. Its gorgeous twist detailing alone is enough to garner compliments.

In the $1500 ball park, you can scoop up this dainty Scott Kay Luminaire, this Gabriel & Co. sparkler, or this Scott Kay Luminaire. All of them feature eye-catching shapes that make them stand out from all your gal pals rings.

[product skus=”M2061,ER5822,M2027″]

If your partner can afford to spend a little more, this Tacori Pretty in Pink ring is just shy of $2000. It is entirely unique thanks to its rose gold hardware. Also this Gabriel & Co. ring radiates from all angles.

[product skus=”2584rd65pk,ER8152″]

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