Sleek and Chic: 10 Modern Engagement Rings

Sleek and Chic: 10 Modern Engagement Rings

If your style is minimalistic, then you’ll likely gravitate toward a modern engagement ring that will match your sleek look. Modern engagement rings are all about a chic, clean design. With no fuss, no crazy over-the-top details, these rings feature a toned-down feel and usually are more focused on the center stone rather than the band. But fret not! Just because these rings are simple doesn’t mean they don’t sparkle. We’ve compiled 10 understated styles that definitely dazzle.

[product sku=”HOF-LD-2115″] 1) The simple band on this Simply Bridal beaded engagement ring allows for its center solitaire to take center stage, as it should.

[product sku=”20025PR”] 2) Tacori’s Starlit ring features a princess cut diamond that sits inside a starlit crown. A minimalistic band balances out all that bling for a look that’s part showy, part understated.

[product sku=”30325PR”] 3) This version of Tacori’s Starlit ring is a bit more over-the-top than the former, but its sleek band lends a beautifully contemporary feel.

[product sku=”HOF-LD-2001″] 4) This Purely Bridal four prong solitaire is a modern take on the more traditional single solitaire engagement ring.

[product sku=”39065″] 5) For the gal who appreciates a chunkier design, this Maple Leaf diamond engagement ring is all about its princess cut diamond and thick band.

[product sku=”3002PS”] 6) Tacori’s Starlit pear-shaped ring sits inside a starlit crown, giving this timeless shape an entirely modern spin.

[product sku=”HOF-LD-2043″] 7) Purely Bridal’s rose solitaire engagement ring is all about its diamond solitaire and unique offset band.

[product sku=”52287″] 8) This Maple Leaf diamond engagement ring comes with a princess cut solitaire that is truly a classic, but its simple band offers a modern twist.

[product sku=”30125RD”] 9) Tacori’s Starlit channel-set ring is the only one of this bunch that features diamonds on its band, but its modernity is maintained thanks to its starlit crown.

[product sku=”HOF-LD-1324″] 10) Copley’s solitaire engagement ring makes sure to spotlight its single sparkly solitaire, while its clean band rounds it out with a contemporary feel.

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