Sparkle Like A Golden Globe Starlet

Sparkle Like A Golden Globe Starlet

With the Golden Globes just behind us, Hollywooders are abuzz with talks of nominees, winners, and must-see films. But while movie buffs clamor to get to theaters, fashionistas are hitting the internet to see who was voted best dressed of the evening.

As far as major style moments go, it’s no secret that award shows are the crème de la crème. These glamorous ceremonies are practically the Olympics of major designer moments and sparkly details to boot. For every show-stopping dress, the look most certainly isn’t complete without hair, makeup, and a whole lot of carats.

While we admit we’re guilty of swooning over our favourite celebs, Barry’s thinks it’s due time to stop oogling, and start emulating! Whether you covet Naomi Watt’s show stealing necklace, or you’re partial to Emily Blunt’s mega ear bling, look no further. We’ve got you covered with gems so dazzling you’ll channel red carpet royalty.

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