Sparkly Jewels to Go With Fall’s Coziest Sweaters

Sparkly Jewels to Go With Fall’s Coziest Sweaters

Fall is right around the bend, so it’s about that time to start dusting off those sweaters that you tucked away at the beginning of summer. From V-neck to turtleneck, to classic stripes, to funky draping, to cable knits, there are infinite sweaters to keep you cozy and cool all season long. But before you wrap yourself, don’t forget to add the perfect jewellery to match your Fall sweater. Here are some tips on what kind of jewellery to wear with different types of sweaters:

Classic Stripes


Because it will never go out of style, a striped sweater is a Fall must have. When dressing yours up with jewels, you’ll want to keep it clean to go with the classic theme. Think a gold or silver pendant — or two or three stacked together.



V-neck sweaters are one of the most flattering ways to bundle up for Fall. And because of its low neckline, it’s prime time to dress your neck up with a statement necklace. Think a shiny, jewelled bib necklace that will match the colour of your sweater. You also can’t go wrong with a gold or silver chain-link necklace.



Turtlenecks keep your neck cozy, so while you can’t wear a necklace with them, it’s the perfect time to rock a serious arm party. Stack your favorite bangles and in this case, the more the merrier. Just be sure to roll up your sleeves so they don’t get in the way.



Cardigans usually feature an open neckline, so you can sport just about any type of necklace with them. You can also leave your neck bare and throw on some statement earrings to balance out your look.

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