Style How-To: Handpieces

Style How-To: Handpieces

It’s a bracelet, it’s a ring….no, it’s a handpiece! And today we’re giving you the skinny on this gypsy inspired number that you’ve seen gracing the hands of fashion’s coolest ladies.

Most commonly styled with equally bohemian elements, we’re making a case for the surprising versatility of the handpiece. Yes, your intuition (and perhaps some leftover festival vibes) may steer you towards lots of layering, but we’re advocating for thinking outside the 60’s box. In fact, we think when styled as such, the handpiece can lend intrigue to your most feminine dresses and skirts. On the other end of the spectrum, a sleek and architectural handpiece also tops off a tailored pantsuit in that red carpet pro type of way.

So what shouldn’t you do with a handpiece? We recommend steering clear of the flower crown and maxi skirt cliché. With so many innovative and stylistic approaches, we’ll be refreshing our instagram feeds to see what you come up with next.

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