Style How To: Stackable Rings

Style How To: Stackable Rings

While we’re all for minimalism and simplicity, we must admit there is something we love about the bohemian cool-girl vibe of a handful of rings. Layering on the metal is a fun and easy way to change up your aesthetic, not to mention a fashion-forward tactic to wear all your favorite pieces at the same time.

stack rings

But just like any great accessory trend, there are rules! Instead of layering up with whatever you find at the top of your jewellery box, follow our expert guidelines to nail the art of multiple rings.

• A manicure is a must – au natural doesn’t cut it when your hands are a focal point of an outfit
• Mixing metals is a no-go. For a cohesive hand, stick to one finish but mix up scale, texture and design.
• When piling on gemstone rings, either stick to one color stone, or opt for stones that are harmoniously opposite the color wheel. Think turquoise and coral, or emerald and amethyst.
• Midi rings to the rescue! Rings at different parts of your finger instantly transform a hand to fresh and contemporary.


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