Style Resolutions for the New Year !

Style Resolutions for the New Year !

When you think of  a “New Years Resolution,” chances are your thoughts go towards fitness and being more positive. Resolutions typically consist of goals for a way to improve our lives, or negativity we hope to rid ourselves of.

While we certainly won’t stand in the way of your hope to make it to the gym or to volunteer more frequently, the reality of resolutions is that we usually ditch them by February or March. This year, we’re challenging ourselves to extend the concept of a resolution to all areas that could use a little revamping. Of course at Barry’s, we think that this should include your accessory closet.

See below for our list of small improvements to be made for 2018:

• Practice Saving – We all have an item that we’ve been ogling, but is just outside of our price range. Instead of loading up on smaller, more price friendly pieces, this year we’re challenging ourselves to save up for what we really want. It’ll make us appreciate it more!
• Don’t Be Shy – Rid yourself of the idea that there is anything you “can’t pull off.” Style is what you make of it, so grab that statement necklace or killer cuff and wear it with confidence.

• Break Free of Cliches – The idea that you can’t mix metals and golds is a thing of the past. We think a wrist or finger full of mismatched rings is super modern and ahead of the game.• Take Care of Your Collection – The better care you show your jewels, the longer they’ll shine. Carve out that extra ten minutes to do some polishing; your gems will thank you and your jewels will get more stares.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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