Style Spotlight: Mindy Kaling’s Colourful Closet

Style Spotlight: Mindy Kaling’s Colourful Closet

While “The Mindy Project” ratings are better than ever, garnering as much if not more attention is Mindy Lahiri’s iconic on-screen wardrobe. As we’re deep into Season 3 of the show, we can’t help but notice that Mindy Kaling herself has taken some serious style cues from her television counterpart. Recent appearances and paparazzi shots are hard to differentiate from on-set images, in ONLY the best way.

Of course at Barry’s we’re all about accessorizing, so it is due time to dig a little deeper into what makes Mindy’s epic looks pop. Bright colours, bold prints, and the perfect amount of matchy-matchy seem to be her signatures, but none of it is complete without her killer jewels. Both Mindys pull off costumey baubles, grandma-chic studs, and bib necklaces that bring it all together. Keep scrolling for a few of our favourite Mindy looks, and you’ll see why this girl’s style has a fan following of its own.








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