Take Your Blouse Game Up A Notch

Take Your Blouse Game Up A Notch

A plain white blouse is a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe. It pairs easily with business attire, and can serve as the canvas for far more than just work wear. But with so many ways to button it, tie it, tuck it, and more, your staple item can actually transform into a chic, directional piece. So if you’re caught in a style rut, we’ve got 3 ways to breathe new life into your white blouse, STAT.

1) Hipster Prep: Button your blouse to the top and press the collar. Then, roll the sleeves up to your elbow. Silverlake/Brooklyn vibes will ensue.

white blouse

2) Cowgirl Meets Beachy: Grab your favourite bandeau or swim top, and pop your blouse on top. Leave the buttons messily undone, and secure the tails with a knot.

white shirty styling

3) Street Style Star: Opt for oversize, and leave one shirttail out. Bonus points for ripped girlfriend jeans and pointed pumps.

white shirt jeans

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