The 2015 GEM Awards – Who Were The Winners?

The 2015 GEM Awards – Who Were The Winners?

If you’ve never heard of the GEM Awards, consider them the Oscars of the jewellery biz. This year marked the 13th annual, and just took place in New York City. According to the Jewellers of America, the GEM Awards seek to honor brands and artists whose “work raises the visibility and status of fine jewellery and watches.” Categories include Design, Marketing & Communication, and Lifetime Achievement.

So who were the honorees?

Larry Pelzel of Neiman Marcus took home the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. Joining the company in 1980, Pelzel has worked his way up to VP and Divisional Merchandise Planner of Precious Jewels from a starting position as Sales Associate.

The honoree in the category of Design was Stephen Webster, whose artistry and innovation has 40 years of loyal customer base to back it. Jewellers of America say that Stephen “continues to dazzle by interpreting modern and diverse imagery via traditional, precision craftsmanship”.

Lastly, Shinola Detroit won the award for Marketing & Communication. Passionate about brand management, Shinola is strongly rooted in quality, skill, and the commitment to goods that are made in America.

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