The Break In That Everyone Is Talking About

The Break In That Everyone Is Talking About

The next big jewellery heist may have just happened. The perpetrator? Let’s just say it’s not your usual suspect.

On Friday, New Jersey store clerk Taquasia Walker was tending to business as usual at Snow Gold jewellery, a Neptune local boutique for fine goods. She was startled at the sound of breaking glass, and immediately assumed she was caught in some sort of natural disaster. As she ran to take shelter, she realized the intruder was a deranged deer.

Yes, you read that right. The animal broke through the shop’s glass doors and frantically scampered around Snow Gold’s interior, injuring itself, breaking tables and displays, and leaving trails of blood throughout. The entire incident was captured on surveillance, and after the woodland animal made its way out of the store, it was hit by a car and killed on a nearby road.

Albeit unusual, we’re saddened by the news of the “break in”. We are wishing a safe and speedy cleanup for all those involved.

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