The Dreamiest Fashion Feeds on Instagram

The Dreamiest Fashion Feeds on Instagram

It’s one thing to chock your photos full of fashion, glamour, and excitement. It’s another for your shots to be works of art themselves.

Not following? Let us elaborate. If you’ve spent any time on instagram lately (let’s be honest, who hasn’t?) you’ll notice that some of the world’s top influencers have created a visual wonderland out of their daily pics. Not only are the shots gorgeous individually, but there’s also a consistency in colour, saturation, background, borders and tone used in the captions throughout the entire feed. The pictures aren’t meant to merely document what they’re doing at the moment, though they do that as well, but rather are a part of a larger, curated assortment that tells a dreamy and whimsical story about the poster’s life.

If we’ve got you scratching your heads, you’ve got to see it to believe it. Check out some of the most covet-worthy accounts that we follow, and if nothing else, get inspired.

1) Meghan Rienks

do my tats give me street cred

A photo posted by Meghan Rienks (@meghanrienks) on

2) Jacey Duprie

All black everything #ootd

A photo posted by Jacey Duprie (@damselindior) on

3) Sincerely Jules

❤️ from the GGB.

A photo posted by Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules) on

4) Chriselle Lim

5) Emily Henderson

We are back with the usual bitter/sweet post-vacation feelings: So happy to be sleeping in our bed but anxious at the email box that flashes in that cruel way. So much was learned in Spain. 1. We HAVE to take more non-work family vacations, 2. Traveling is an integral part of creative inspiration which is a very important part of my job and therefore must be more part of my lifestyle (I’m real good at rationalizing things). 3. Spain is highly under-marketed with Barcelona being a completely magnetic city and 4. Brian is still my favorite person in the world to travel with, as we are always strangely on the same page. Charlie also learned a few things: 1. That if he wakes up in the middle of the night and begs long enough we’ll give in and let him sleep with us which we all enjoy dangerously too much. 2. If he gets bored during one of our 3 hour Spanish dinners and starts to throw a fit we will probably (regrettably) give him technology to stare at. and 3. His parents are overwhelmingly obsessed with him and constantly amazed by how fun he is to be around. If anyone knows how to help him ‘unlearn’ those first two things, that would be awesome. The phrase ‘special occasion’ became not so special after saying it 10 times a day for 2 weeks (and continued last night at 4am when his crib at home proved to be lonely). BUT, I’M BACK!!!!

A photo posted by Emily Henderson (@em_henderson) on

6) Jay Alvarrez

Feeding Grapes to the dragons A photo posted by JAY ALVARREZ (@jayalvarrez) on

7) Hannah Bronfman

The weekend almost washed me away…. by @daisyjohnsonny #swimsuit #beachbody #hamptons #HBFIT

A photo posted by Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) on

8) Rocky Barnes

Weekend vibes with @natamals ✌️☁️ #sundayfunday #yfbontheroad A photo posted by Rachel Barnes Horowitz (@rocky_barnes) on

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