The Internets Best “Engagement Ring Selfies”

The Internets Best “Engagement Ring Selfies”

In our fast paced society, many couples are turning to their social media profiles to announce their engagements to friends and family. These announcements have been ingeniously coined as “engagement ring selfies”. These pictures capture the ring symbolic of a couples love, in all of its sparkling glory. Some couples are getting even more creative than that though, by including the scenic backdrop where the proposal took place and the happy face of the person who just received a “yes!” The engagement ring selfie isn’t reserved for the proposal date, people tend to Instagram their gem whenever they feel like it! We’re all for showing off jewels, so you know we love this trend. Check out some of our favourite engagement ring selfies below! If you have taken an engagement ring selfie, share it with us!

beachselfie iphoneselfie mountainselfie vineyardselfie woodsselfie

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