The Model You Can Expect To See At NYFW

The Model You Can Expect To See At NYFW

The fashion industry has made it a goal to bring a range of different, equally beautiful ladies to its runways. From the increased prevalence of plus sized models to handicapped, transgender, and other stunning women from all walks of life, this is the most diversified we’ve seen the runways to date.

But we’re particularly touched by one woman’s story, and to those who are unfamiliar, it is time get acquainted with the courageous Madeline Stuart.

18-year-old Madeline is based in Australia and has Down Syndrome. She has always wanted to be a model and decided that her disability shouldn’t stand in the way of her dreams. With the help of her supportive family, she rose to internet fame and caught the attention of major agencies and fashion brands. Her goal is to prove that people with Down Syndrome can truly do anything.

Last week, Madeline announced that she’ll be walking the runway at New York Fashion Week for FTL Moda, an American Brand. We’re inspired by her story, and can’t wait to watch her rock the catwalk.

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