The New Alternative To Men’s Wedding Bands

The New Alternative To Men’s Wedding Bands

Sure, as ladies we’ve grown up picturing what our engagement ring and wedding band will look like. But guys have it a little bit different. While some men are more open to the idea of jewellery than others, the vast majorities don’t try on a ring until it’s time to say “I do.”

So if it feels a little unnatural to your fella, there’s no shame in opting for something a bit less traditional to commemorate your nuptials. For starters, we’ve seen plenty of couples go for tattoos, but today we’re shifting focus and discovering the wedding watch.

It feels so obvious that it’s surprising we haven’t though of it before, but giving your guy a watch instead of a ring is a newly trending, and equally symbolic alternative to a band. With more area to cover than the former, a watch can be engraved with a date or quote, or even set on a photo. But hands down (no pun intended), what we love most about this movement is the signifying of passing time. The romantic symbol of your love enduring throughout the moments, and years is perhaps the most heartwarming of all.

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