The Practical Accessory You May Have Overlooked

The Practical Accessory You May Have Overlooked

Long gone are the jokes about “four eyes”, because in this day and age nothing is cooler than a great pair of frames. We’ve seen some gorgeous glasses top off sleek street style, and on the more formal end of the spectrum, even compliment black tie attire on the red carpet.

The fashion world is no stranger to the blurred line between geek and chic, and a great pair of specs is the perfect way to embody both, simultaneously. Thick-rimmed frames instantly add an extra item of intrigue to any ensemble. Business casual transforms into playfully preppy with coloured frames, while jeans and a button down easily translate to hipster-chic with the addition of a unique pair.

For the low maintenance fashionista: if you’re not feeling full eye makeup, sporting specs allows you to avoid that extra coat of mascara and still look polished.

Scroll on to peep a few fashionable stars that will make you stop dreading that next optometrists visit.

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