The Skinny On Bridesmaids Dresses

The Skinny On Bridesmaids Dresses

As tradition would have it, bridesmaids’ dresses are intended to look uniform. But the rules regarding what your special ladies should wear have come a long way in recent years. We’re all about nailing the professional photos, but we don’t think doing so requires forcing your bridesmaids into ill-fitting gowns that don’t reflect their personal styles.

So what’s our verdict? Give your bridesmaids some flexibility and options, but not too many. Pre-selecting a colour palette and length allows for some wiggle room in cut and style, and allows each gal to select something that she feels comfortable in. Your photos will be #onfleek, as will your ‘maids’ confidence.

Also remember: shoes and styling go a long way. A sleek hairstyle or modern shoes instantly elevate a dress, and can quite easily change the entire look and feel of an ensemble. Don’t be afraid to steer your bridesmaids in the direction you see fit. They’ll thank you later!

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